Monday, 16 January 2012

A great couple of days riding in Coed-y-Brenin this weekend. It's been a while and I think I'd forgotten just how good the trails there are. Miles of superb flowing singletrack and all maintained in admirable condition.We didn't miss out on much of the way marked trail over the weekend and were especially impressed by the MinorTaur. For a quick sample of what this blue loop has on offer, check out your trail map and dive off the main trail and onto the Blue after a few hundred meters. You'll be rewarded by a sequence of superb berms and rollers to get you warmed up. At the bottom of the hill stay on the fireroad, take a sharp left up the hill when you hit the tarmac and you'll rejoin the main routes after a short stiff climb. This would be the perfect route for a mixed group, a stepping stone towards 'proper' mountain biking for beginners but with plenty of enjoyment to be had for the more experienced.

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